I quit sugar for 8 weeks: Here’s what happened

I quit sugar for 8 weeks: Here’s what happened

Hi y’all! I can say y’all now because I am writing to you from the great state of Texas! I grew up “mostly” in Houston, and it feels good to be reconnecting with my roots. The Texas hospitality is real and awesome. We are loving the sunshine and the swimming and all the good Mexican food down here.

Anyway, I wanted to report back to all of you on how I’ve been doing with my “no sugar” challenge for myself.

As you can read in the last post about sugar, I decided to quit intentional sugar around the beginning of July. Here’s how it’s been going:


How I’m feeling physically since quitting sugar:

  • My energy level is really good! I still feel sluggish at times, but don’t feel as much lethargy as I used to.
  • I’m losing weight. I actually haven’t weighed myself, but I can tell I’ve lost a little weight by the way my clothes fit.

How I’m feeling emotionally since quitting sugar:

  • Instead of feeling left out when “everyone” is having dessert, I feel confident and proud of myself for sticking to my plans.
  • I’m doing better at processing my emotions instead of just snacking to avoid feeling them.
  • I feel more “stable” emotionally, and not quite as moody. (I’m sure my family appreciates this!)

My key to success when quitting sugar:

I believe the number one key to my success has been allowing myself to make mistakes and fail. I’ve decided to go completely without sugar, instead of moderating it  because I tend to get out of control quickly when I moderate. So as part of my sugar abstinence, I don’t freak out or make a big deal of  it when I give in and have a bite of a dessert here or there. I realize there is a fine line between moderating (i.e allowing dessert once a week) and abstaining from sugar, but allowing mistakes. It’s a difference that’s mostly just in my head, but this difference is important for me. Yes, I have had a bite of this or that when it’s in my house or in front of my face, but instead of beating myself up about it, I tell myself I’m doing a great job, and remind myself of how far I’ve come. It wasn’t that long ago that I was so addicted to sugar, that I couldn’t make it one night without a big bowl of ice cream loaded with candy, and now I rarely crave it or even think about it.

The other key to my success has been keeping it simple. I took on this goal while our life was in transition. I knew it wasn’t a good time to make over my entire diet and try something revolutionary. Choosing to skip dessert was simple for my brain to remember and didn’t require lots of meal planning or preparation. Now that I’m settling in, I’m considering other additional ways to eat more healthfully.

My health goals from here:

  • Continue walking for exercise, incorporate some weights for my upper body several times a week
  • Eat less white flour.  I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m ready to completely cut it out. (The tortillas are just too dang good here.) But I am limiting bread, and realizing it isn’t necessary to have it at every meal.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. Make spinach smoothies and have more salads at dinner time.

I’d love to hear from you if you try quitting sugar, or if you are trying other health related goals. Leave a comment below or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram.