Healthy Snacks for Busy Moms

Healthy Snacks for Busy Moms

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No time to eat healthy? I’ve got you covered with these healthy snacks.

Do you make food for everyone else, then end up eating the bottom of the kids’ macaroni and cheese because you’re too starving not to? I’ve got you covered, because I have so been there. If I’m not careful, my hunger can take over, and a food fest can begin. For me, having lots of healthy snacks on hand keeps me from succumbing to crazy food cravings.

Do it for you, AND do it for the kids.

This month I’d like to help you and your family eat a little healthier. But it all starts with your example. When my kids notice me eating a healthy snack, and then passing up candy, they ask me why. Sometimes this leads to them making healthier choices as well. The kid news is, that YOU have more power in your home. If you’re frustrated that your family is constantly eating junk, then it’s up to you to do something about it. But first start with  you. Okay, on to the healthy snack list:

Portable fruits and veggies: 

Focus on fruits and veggies that are EASY to have on hand (meaning they don’t take tons of chopping to prepare).

    • Cherry Tomatoes (I love the yellow ones)
    • Carrot sticks
    • Mandarin oranges
    • Cara-cara oranges (So sweet, with a red flesh)
    • Bananas (the ultimate naturally pre-packaged fruit!)
    • Apples (pink lady and honeycrisp are our family’s favorites. I buy them in the bag so they are a little more affordable)
    • Grapes
    • Bag of small bell peppers
    • Sugar snap peas

I try to keep hummus or veggie dip on hand for veggies. But I’ll eat it all plain if I’m on the go.

hands holding bowl of tomatoes, healthy snacks
Yum. Our grocery stores have more choices in produce available to us than ever before! There’s no excuse for not eating all this delicious goodness.


I could probably have a whole post just about yogurt, but here’s a few that you’ll find in my fridge:

  • Individual Greek Chobani (key lime is my favorite)
  • Noosa (it’s so delicious and a little higher in sugar, so it’s more of a “treat” for me.)
  • Large tub of Oikos Greek vanilla yogurt.  (So tasty!) I pour it in a bowl and load it with nutritious toppings such as:
bowl of yogurt with granola and berries, healthy snacks
This picture literally makes me salivate.


I try to snack mostly on low-fat cheeses like these, but I love a delicious fancy cheese as a treat.

  • laughing cow cheese
  • pepper jack or mozzerella cheese sticks
  • cottage cheese
A hard specialty cheese is a treat for me.


Having my pantry stocked with wholesome, healthy snacks helps keep me from shoving Oreos in my face.

  • Triscuits, or other whole grain cracker. (Pair with any of the aforementioned cheeses.)
  • KIND granola bars- these are so good, and so much better for you than other bars on the market. I buy the dark chocolate and sea salt. I always keep one in my purse for on-the-go hunger. (It’s a thing!)
  •  Figgy Pops Supersnacks, healthy snacks kind granola bars, healthy snacks
  • Figgy Pops (They are snack balls made of fig and pistachio, and actually taste pretty good!) I usually buy them at Costco.
  • Lightly salted pre-popped popcorn
  • Dehydrated fruit: It can be expensive, but good to have on hand when you may be out of fresh fruits. (dehydrated apples, mangos and strawberries are my favorite.)
  • Dried fruit (dried apricot are my favorites)
  • Nuts: Almonds, pistachios, cashews, or mixed nuts. Mix it up to keep it interesting.
    small bowl of almonds, healthy snacks
    Nuts are high in protein, good fats and lots of disease-fighting nutrients your body needs. I say, load up!

    Part of being successful about eating healthily is having the right food on hand. It is easy to feel like our only choices are junk, when truthfully, there are so many healthy snacks available to us.

    When I feel overwhelmed, I go back to the basics. I stock my fridge and pantry with the GOOD food that’s high in nutrients and low in junk. Happy healthy eating!
    I’m curious? What healthy snacks are you going to add to your shopping cart this week?

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