Authenticity: a no-make up day on the blog

Authenticity: a no-make up day on the blog

Hi guys! It’s your lucky day. Today you showed up on my blog, and I’m not putting my make-up on. I’m going to try out some virtual authenticity. My hair’s a mess. I have bags under my eyes, and I’m wearing an old t-shirt and it’s on backwards.  You’re gonna take a look at some of my imperfections, blemishes, and see the real me.  When I’m pulled together and showered and presentable to the world, I can look really nice. Metaphorically, my life really is amazing and blessed, but I want you to know there’s a real authentic human behind your screen.

Okay, here we go…..

I lose my temper with my kids.

Sometimes I go to the bathroom, and I lock it and I sit there a LONG time just because it’s quiet.

I struggle to read my scriptures regularly. Since becoming a mom, I haven’t been doing it with any kind of consistency. (As a good Mormon girl, this is like a really terrible thing!)

I need a lot of sleep. I’m not a night person, or a morning person. I like naps as well, and I take them whenever I can. I’m not narcoleptic, I just function really well when I’ve had about 9 hours of sleep.

I’ve been eating cookies again. I’ve had a lot of anxiety lately, and cookies really help.

I pull out my hair. I’ve done it since elementary school. It’s a bad habit, like nail biting. Again, it kicks into gear with anxiety.

I’m forgetful. When we moved to Omaha, I forgot to pick up my kids at the bus stop after their 3rd day of school. (It was a Wednesday, and for some reason they got out early on Wednesdays.) The school tried to call me, but I was napping. (That again!) So they called my cousin (who was my emergency contact) who called my mom, who called my mother in law, who came and woke me up. A neighbor took them home until I picked them up.

I lose things all the time. Just this week I lost my phone at church, left it in a restaurant, and lost it at home. (It was on my front porch of all places!)

I’m pretty clumsy. I had to go to a fancy work dinner with my hubs last night. I kept bumping the table with my leg because I was crossing and uncrossing my legs so often. Every time I bumped it, all the wine glasses would shake. Embarrassing!

These are just a few examples of my HUMAN-ness. I hope you enjoyed this no-make up day. it’s actually been kind of fun to write this out and practice authenticity, by admitting a bunch of my imperfections. I’m sure my husband and family and friends could add a lot more things to the list too.  I’m pretty flawed, but I’m totally okay with that.

Thanks for reading, and loving me even though I’m sometimes a hot mess. Care to share some of your imperfections? I’m sure I can relate! Leave me a message below, or comment on facebook.

Talk to you soon,


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