6 Podcasts for Moms that Uplift and Inspire

6 Podcasts for Moms that Uplift and Inspire

Hey, are you guys listening to podcasts? Seriously, I love them. There’s so much amazing content out there, and you can take it with you anywhere. Listen while you do dishes or laundry, or while you run kids around town. New podcasts are popping up all the time, and now there are ever increasing number of podcasts on very niche topics. Almost anything you are interested in learning about is out there, and it’s all free. I’m kind of a podcast junkie, and I’m constantly trying out new ones.

{Not sure how to get started listening to podcasts? John and Sherry (some of my favorite podcasters have an awesome tutorial HERE showing you how to listen and subscribe.}

Here are some of my current favorites. If you’re wanting to listen to something that will uplift and inspire you,¬† you’ll love these:

  1. Bold New Mom Podcast

    I’ll start with Jody. Jody, I love you! ūüėė¬†She gives honest advice on how to change your thoughts so you can live your best life.¬† The podcasts title, “New listener? Start here: 5 lies about how the world works” is a good place to start. I’ve been listening to her since the beginning, (almost 2years) and I promise you it’s life changing stuff.

  2. The Life Coach School Podcast

    Brooke, you kick my butt into gear. She’s Jody’s mentor and seriously motivates you to spend thetime and money on yourself so you can take¬†your life to the next level. Her podcast on Pro-activation (she calls it the opposite of procrastination) is one of my favorites, and something I’m personally really trying to work on right now.

  3. The Mom Hour

    Two real and very relatable moms talk about life as a mom. Each podcast is full of tips, strategies and ideas to help your life as a mom run more smoothly. The hosts have 8 kids between them and they do a deep dive every week into a mom-related topic. Pop your earbuds in, and you’ll feel like you have 2 more girlfriends in your life. I really enjoyed their recent Q&A episodes.

  4. Happier

    Happier is another podcast in the self-help category, but more focused on habits and practical tips and happiness hacks. Gretchen Rubin, author of the books, The Happiness Project, and The Four Tendencies, chats with her sister every week about how they are trying to apply happiness principles into their real, everyday lives.

  5. Young House Love Has a Podcast

    If you’re the kind of mom that wants a little more motivation to tackle your DIY projects, this is the podcast for you.¬† John and Sherry Petersik area husband and wife team who’ve been in the blogging and home design world for over 10 years. Their podcast is full of updates on¬†their home projects and renovations, as well as practical tips for good design and saving money. P.S. They are seriously entertaining to have in your ears, so I listen to them when I’m in the mood for something light.¬† Episode 59 wasa personal favorite: The Renovation Rollercoaster that brought Sherry to tears.

  6. What should I read next?

    “It’s the question that plagues every reader,” says Anne Bogel, host of theWhat should I read next Podcast and author of the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog. Every week, Anne¬†answers that question for fellow book lovers. A word of caution:¬† your to-read list will blow up after listening to this. Don’t listen in the car, because you’ll want to pull over and write down book titles, instead of keeping your eyes on the road.

I’d love to hear your recommendations of great podcasts for moms. Drop me a comment on Facebook or Instagram or in the comments below!

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