10 Bookish Gifts for the book lover

10 Bookish Gifts for the book lover

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This year, I’ve vowed to be more organized for Christmas, and to TRY to avoid the last minute scramble on the last few days before the big day. I’ve started making spreadsheets with gift ideas, in hopes that maybe this year, I’ll have it all figured out without the last minute hurried run to the store, scavenging the shelves in desperation. Last year’s spreadsheet was titled the “The Big Day,” hoping to be a little ambiguous in case little eyes get ahold of my computer, and this year’s spreadsheet is titled, “December’s Double Whammy.” (We have a birthday a few days before Christmas too!)

Anyway, to help you avoid the last minute desperation, the aimlessly walking through stores, or the generic gift search on amazon, here are some curated ideas of gifts for the book lover in your life.  Whether it’s a friend, aunt, sister-in-law, mother or daughter, hopefully you’ll get an idea or two for someone on your shopping list this year. (Just to be clear, I love guys who read, but these are mostly girlish gift ideas for chicks like me.)

Okay, enough talking, let’s get shopping….

  1. Book darts

The first gift on my list is book darts. I have seen these on the internets and just ordered some for my nightstand. I plan to hide them in my stocking on Christmas Eve. Shhhh! 😉  Do you dog-ear your pages?  How about fill a book up with ripped sticky notes to remember a page you want to come back to? Or leave your book face down, open to the page you’re left on? I’m guilty of all these things. However, a sophisticated tin of book darts on my nightstand elevates my reading life, and makes me scour the pages for passages to remember, just so I can add one of these metallic beauties to the page.

2. Lovely book ends

A pair of lovely book ends takes a boring bookshelf up a notch. My nightstand is always piled high with books, a pair of book ends would keep them tamed…..maybe I’ll gift this one to myself this year.

3. Boxed set of pretty favorites
puffin books boxed set

Nothing is better to a book lover, than a beautiful edition of a cherished favorite. Puffin in bloom created this gorgeous boxed set of classic Children’s books, including Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, A little princess, and Heidi, but you can also buy the books individually.

Penguin books makes this beautiful boxed set of Jane Austen’s collection, as well as many other classics. Just search for “Penguin Classics Hardcover” and you’ll see a wide array of gorgeous classic hardcover editions.

4. Bookish coffee mug

Is there anything better than a book and a warm mug of your favorite beverage? For me it’s hot cocoa, with hazelnut coffee creamer.  Choose one of these literary quote mugs:

Or one of these funny reading quote mugs:

5. Nerdy T shirts.

Oh my gosh, y’all. I had so much fun browsing through t-shirts with reading quotes. There’s a lot to pick from, but here were a few of my favorites.

I’m such a dork. I remember when my high school students first explained to me what “lit” meant.  I told them we were going to have a quiz over their “lit terms,” and they wanted to know what made the terms so “lit.” Imagine their disappointment when I told them lit was short for literature. 😉


6. A trendy book light

The struggle to read at night before bed is real. If you don’t have a lamp on your nightstand, or you’re sleeping away from home, or you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep,  the book light is your new best friend. I’ve tried the awkward phone flashlight in one hand, with my book balanced against a blanket to try to read at night. This option is so much better, and so much more fun, don’t you think?

7. Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is hands down my favorite way to read on a device. One feature I really love is being able to download the first chapter of a book before you buy it. It’s a great way to preview the book, then when you get to the end of the chapter, you can just purchase it and keep reading where you left off.  Remember the book light problem? Well, the Paperwhite has a backlit screen, but the light dims low enough to read in a pitch black room, so it doesn’t bother your eyes. It’s 10 million times better than reading on a phone or tablet. I love my Paperwhite, and I’ve read on the beach and pool with it because there’s no glare, oh and it holds a charge for a SUPER long time. So that’s another bonus.

8. A Subscription to Audible

Book lovers love audiobooks too! Audible.com is my go-to for audiobooks. With an audible subscription, you get 1 credit a month to use on any audiobooks. My husband loves audible for listening to business books. (They are pricey, but the audible credit brings them to under $15!) I love to listen to non-fiction books while I do household stuff, and the kids love fiction in the car or at bedtime. Many audiobooks can be between $20-30 a month, so this is a no brainer. And right now, you can sign up for audible.com and receive TWO free audiobooks instead of one, if you click on this link or the icon below. {If you purchase through my link, I get a little bonus at no extra cost to you.}

Literary gifts from Etsy 

There are so many creative and talented sellers on Etsy.com. I love the work from Carrot Top Paper Shop: Here’s a few of her prints that I think would be so fun to display on a bookshelf, if you’re a kindred spirit, you’ll love her shop!

This bookmark brightens my day:

I love her literary heroines.

literary gifts

I saved the best for last. This lovely print makes me want to move to Green Gables with Marilla and Matthew.literary gift, green gables

I love the beautiful simplicity of these Ink in the Ozarks Book quote prints:

This quote from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: “We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”

harry potter gift, book lover gift, literary gifts

Or this one from Little Women, “She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain.”literary gift, bookish gift


Literary Tote bags

Amazon and etsy both have a nice selection of literary tote bags with bookish quotes, or quotes from your favorite books. I thought this one was so funny, and it’s on PRIME, so if you’re doing last minute shopping, this should arrive in time.

literary tote bag

Okay, that ends the gift guide for book lovers this year! I hope you found some inspiration and meaningful and thoughtful gift idea for someone on your list this year.

Talk to you again soon,



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